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I'm a Fashion&Textile Designer and an amateur photographer.

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I live in evergreen dreams,when I open my eyes I die in reality...Drowning in everything...Music is a way out of my madness...

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Wunderkind presents the spring/summer 2014 campaign
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Ford Motor Co. Taps Designers to Mark Mustang Milestone
Photo by Robert Widdis for Ford Motor Company
With the Mustang turning 50, the Ford Motor Company has recruited five fashion labels to design limited-edition T-shirts that will be sold internationally this fall.
While Anna Sui has never owned a Mustang, she said her best friend’s mom drove one and “it was her dream car.”  For More
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Cheeky little jet pocket detail from brand Culture Medium, in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Nice detail!
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They Are Wearing: Coachella Weekend One
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They Are Wearing: Party Central in New York

Always sophisticated,James Nord.
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Headspace, II (2014)Jack Hardwicke
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Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2014
Courtesy Photo

Nice bag.
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Gerhard Richter
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