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I'm a Fashion&Textile Designer and an amateur photographer.

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I live in evergreen dreams,when I open my eyes I die in reality...Drowning in everything...Music is a way out of my madness...

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Unique art piece from nuestra! Love it!
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'5 couleurs' Fall Makeup Collection 2014

Lovely colours for Fall,should buy it!
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Whats wrong with these pictures??
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Kate Mara on the Red Carpet at
 the 2014 Emmy Awards

Finally saw someone dressed well.
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Check out these cool sneakers!
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Photo: Emilio Pucci Pre-Fall 2014/15
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Inspired by 3D modelling software glitches, Noa Raviv has designed garments that bring the digital into a physical space.  Classic Greek and Roman sculptures are the starting point and then worked into hi-tech garments.
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but look at this screenshot

Beautiful eyes. He has this wide-eyed innocence about him sometimes, which is kind of ironic.

This screenshot has taken by me ;) Thanks for the credits.
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Tiny Hannibal found a friend of similar aesthetic. 
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American Spirit at Marc Jacobs Mercer
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